Directional Signage

Recognizing that changes to SR 63 have affected access to some businesses around the interchange, the CIC has developed a wayfinding signage program. The first wayfinding sign was installed at SR 63 and New Garver Road in Summer 2016.

Eligible Locations

The CIC determines if a directional sign is possible based on available land (including right of way), proximity to the interchange, and number of interested and eligible sign participants.

Eligible Participants

Participation on the wayfinding sign is limited to those businesses that have an approved zoning certificate on file with the City's Development Department, have the appropriate tax paperwork filed with the Income Tax Department, are zoned for C-1 Highway Commercial use, and do not have frontage on SR 63.

Estimated Cost

Each sign costs an estimated $12,000 for fabrication, installation, and landscaping. The cost of a sign is split evenly among the participants, and future participants join the sign at the same rate. There is a $500 annual fee for sign maintenance.

Picture of a red brick pillar-style sign with green name plaques with white lettering and a green me