Board of Directors

The ESID is governed by a 5 person Board of Directors representing both communities, and these positions are statutorily appointed under the Ohio Revised Code.

Color headshot of a man in a suit

Steve Schramm

Trustee, Liberty Township 

Chairperson, I-75 ESID

Headshot of a woman in a black suit jacket and pink shirt against a green blurry background

Jennifer Patterson

Assistant to the City Manager, City of Monroe

Vice-Chairperson & Secretary, I-75 ESID

Color headshot of a woman with long brown hair and a light purple jacket

Caroline McKinney

Economic Development Director/PIO, Liberty Township

Treasurer, I-75 ESID

Letter "M" in stylized font, surrounded by a decorative box element with the text "City of


Council Member, City of Monroe

I-75 ESID Board Member

Picture of a woman in a black suit against a colorful background of city buildings

Andrea Pinho

Manager, Site Selection & Real Estate, REDI Cincinnati 

Director, I-75 ESID